XR311 Combat Support Vehicle 1:12 Scale Kit

Extended Description

The XR311 is a re-release kit that was originally available in 1977. It was Tamiyas first suspension equipped RC buggy. The 2012 re-release incorporates modern improvements while maintaining the basic layout of the original.
Scale: 1/12 scale
Overall length: 405mm
Overall width: 173mm
Overall height: 135mm
Clearance: 15mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Tread (front/rear): 140/144mm
Chassis material: duralumin 52S
Steering tie rods: 2 segments of an equal length
Suspension: front and rear double wishbone
Caster angle (front/rear): 0 degree Camber angle (front/rear): 0 degree
Toe angle (front/rear): 0 degree
Dampers: none
Drive system: rear wheel drive
Diff. gear system: no
Speed Controller: electronic speed controller (included)
Tire width (front and rear): 29mm Tire diameter (front/rear): 75mm Tread pattern (front and rear): balloon tire
Compatible with 7.2 volt stick-type battery packs.
Realistic injection-molded body features cockpit details and a driver figure.
Includes Tamiya electronic speed control-brushed type
Required for completion;
2 Channel Radio System,
1 Servo,
Battery and Charger,
Tools for assembly

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